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Cream chargers at double the speed and precision, with half the effort

The original large cream charger to increase your operation speed and precision with the help of an intelligent pressure release tool

Benefits Of The
Cream Charger

Are you ready to become a better chef by experimenting with texture and intensity of foams and rapid infusions?


Let Superwhip help you get full control of anything that comes out of your cream dispenser.

Easily screw the Superwhip Adapter on any brand cream dispenser on the market (iSi, Mosa, etc.).


Precision pressure control with the Superwhip Pressure Regulator.


Soft and airy, thick, foam for cocktails, runny foam, firm foam? We got you.


N2O-compensated brand that offsets its production greenhouse gas.

SuperWhip 640g


Our Products

SuperWhip 8g

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